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Jaqui Trinder started The Academy Hair and Makeup School in Kloof for those who would like to learn about the hair and make-up industry
Jacqui Trinder, owner of hair and make-up agency, Talent Multiplied, decided to start a new venture for students who want to learn how to do their own make-up and for those who want to start their own businesses in the field.

How did your business start?
The Academy Hair and Makeup School was born out of a love for teaching and seeing women blossom before my eyes. If I can help women look and feel better by improving their skills or motivating them to start a small business, then I’ve achieved my goal. That, coupled with a constant request from make-up artists to teach them make-up and hair skills – over the years, I’ve gained tons of knowledge and insider industry tips and tricks.

Why did you choose this area to set up shop?
The academy had to be close to home for me, so I could spend more time with my family and less time travelling during the week. After researching, I found just what I was looking for and I have filled a gap in the market in our area of Kloof for a hair and make-up academy.

How did you find your premises?
Fortunately, almost 10 years ago I met a super-talented photographer, Justin Dallas. We’ve collaborated many times over the years and we decided to share a space, a gorgeous 120m² photographic studio with a dedicated hair and make-up area, which I converted for the academy.

Why are the premises ideally suited to your business?
The space is modern, light and industrial, with high ceilings – perfect for product demonstrations, lessons and workshops. The lighting is absolutely fantastic, as we have both natural skylights and professional-grade studio lighting. Working from a studio space also enables our students and artists to experience working “on set”. We do all portfolio shoots in house. We are also situated conveniently off the M13 in Kloof.

Who are your neighbours?
We are a few minutes away from Bellevue, which is a hub of small businesses like Lauday Image Consulting and Boutique, Bellevue Cafe and Talloula wedding venue and decor, who are specialists in our industry.

What are the shop rental/sales prices like in this area?
Thankfully, we’ve not had to explore this as of yet, due to renting directly from friends. I will, however, be looking into this as we expand in the near future.

How many people visit your business each day?
I have chosen to keep classes small (less than 12 per class), so that I have time to get to know each individual on a personal level and be able to guide them on where their strengths and talents lie and how best to position themselves within our ever-expanding, lucrative hair and make-up industry.

Do you have any expansion plans?
Oh yes, we’re planning to franchise the academy nationwide, starting with the South Coast of KZN, Pietermaritzburg and Ballito, and then up to Gauteng and Cape Town.

Do you operate online as well?
Our website and courses can be booked online, although I’m old school in some ways and I still love to have a good old chat beforehand.

What’s your most popular service?
Our Beginners Course is our most booked and popular, as its great value for money. It includes a brush set and eyeshadow palette.
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