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Most industries are having to relook the way they work. This is perhaps most applicable to the residential property sector. In fact, on the back of over a decade’s worth of slow growth, it’s likely that no other sector needs to change the way it operates more than those who are in the business of providing homes. This is why developers such as Craft Homes have completely reworked how they do things. It’s evident from the launch of all Craft Homes developments in a totally online space.

The company achieved this through specialised websites that centre around specific developments, with each site containing everything you might need to view, reserve and even purchase a property. This allows Craft Homes to accomplish everything it normally would with a typical on-site launch – all while helping to flatten the curve. What’s more, its online initiatives have already proved tremendously successful with the launch of its latest developments, The Woods and Springwood, on 14_May.

Community focus

Situated in Kyalami, Joburg, The Woods is a development drawing inspiration from the surrounding wetlands as well as the area’s equestrian roots. It suits all stages of life – from single professionals to couples starting a family, and even those looking to scale back in their later years. Each street here is treated as a smaller village within the whole, with varying landscaping and hardscaping techniques creating a distinct street identity. The result is a blend of freestanding houses and apartments that promotes a holistic and unique sense of community. The Woods also has a secure green belt that makes it a walkable neighbourhood. This is an attractive prospect for those who currently have to make the most of set exercise times, as well as anybody craving a more natural and community-based component in their daily lives.

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Smart investment

Property in Kyalami has been rising in demand lately thanks to its proximity to Waterfall, an area many are now calling Joburg’s new emerging CBD. But the recent lowering of the repo rate to a record 4.25% means Kyalami is an even more attractive prospect at the moment – and properties such as The Woods are particularly smart investments. Now, more than ever, the saying “Don’t wait to buy property, buy property and wait” rings true. This is the time to act. It’s an ethos that has galvanised Craft Homes. Because a wait-and-see attitude is no longer relevant. Those who adapt are the ones who will succeed in the face of a changing world.


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