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We chat with Arc Design Studio founder and creative director, Grant Visagie, to learn more about this Durban agency’s journey towards greatness.

Q: How did your business start?

A: After a two-year stint within traditional advertising agency life, I was called to help to create and set up Kaleidoscope, an in-house design resource for Unilever. Kaleidoscope blossomed to become an integrated and celebrated part of the larger company. Arc Design Studio opened its doors in February 2015 as a preferred supplier for Unilever, but also focused on supporting SMMEs.

Q: Why did you choose this area to set up shop?
Arc design studio 6-min

A: For strategic reasons. We’re located across the road from our main client’s headquarters and Umhlanga is one of Durban’s premier business hubs. We’re excellently positioned to serve the greater Durban community.

Q: How did you find your premises?

A: A chance meeting with Brad Wills of Fulfil Consulting led us to taking up the kind offer of space at 25 Richefond Circle. The space houses “like-valued businesses who work together” and we were offered Suite 103 at a reduced rate for the first three months, while we set up our company. I like to call our community on the first floor a hive of individual business cells, with shared goals, working together in a mutually beneficial way to see them realised.

Q: Why are the premises ideally suited to your business?

A: With ocean views, multiple presentation rooms and open creative spaces, our office serves us excellently,
nurturing each person’s level of inspiration. Our business is driven by inspiration.

Arc Design Studio 2-min

Q: Who are your neighbours?

A: Our immediate neighbours are Alan Wills and Associates. They’re a group of generous engineers and a biologist who consult with businesses with the goal of helping them thrive. Our community of businesses meets up regularly to share lunch and catch up. We enjoy an atmosphere of such hopeful, positive problem-solvers who want to see Durban thrive!

Q: What are the shop rental/sales prices like in this area?

A: Prices in this area are usually on the higher end of the spectrum, around R140/m2, but we’re able to defray our costs significantly by offering hot desks within our creative space.

Q: What type of clientele do you primarily deal with?

A: We really do it all, from FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods), to agencies and individuals, specifically focused on SMMEs. We love seeing new businesses succeed.

Q: Do you have any expansion plans?

A: We’re about to launch a product based business and in the long term we want to launch a bigger version of our hive, with space for many more businesses who share a common vision to thrive within, creating a more connected, relational, integrated and sustainable way of life.

Q: What’s your most popular service?

A: We are a small team of six permanent members, with many more close partners, who together comprise the full array of traditional agency skills. Through our modus operandi of strategic thinking, informing excellent execution, we are able to leverage each team member’s unique strengths, and offer a wide range of services, including integrated marketing, art direction, brand strategy, graphic design, copywriting, web design, social media, videography and photography services.

Arc Design Studio

031 583 8018

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Words: Cath Jenkin | Images: Supplied

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