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Have you ever wanted to drink a coffee decorated with a swan or a horse icon on top? Or perhaps you fancy hearts swirling on top of your caffeine fix? It’s almost become the norm to have a pretty cup of coffee these days. At Ginger and Fig, a well-known restaurant and eatery in Pretoria, you will not only find a perfect coffee blend in your cup and a picture on top. The coffee success is thanks to a great and longstanding partnership with small batch coffee roasters Doubleshot. But the main man behind each creamy cappuccino is Jabu Donovan Thumbani. We caught up with him to find out more about what he does.

Jabu by Rita Ludike-5-compressed

How long have you been a barista?

I have been a barista since April 2012.

Why did you want to become a barista?

At first it was about having a job, but after about three months I fell in love with being a barista and I love the industry.

Do you prefer single origin coffee beans or do you like a blend?

I prefer a blend because we can manipulate the flavour profile to our taste preference.

Who is your inspiration and why?

In South Africa, at the time that I started, Ishan Natalie was a great inspiration. Internationally, I follow people on Instagram who give me inspiration for my latté art.

What is your favourite drink to make?Jabu by Rita Ludike-7-compressed

My favorite is a latté, because of the opportunity to show my skills with latté art.

Why do you serve Doubleshot at Ginger and Fig?

We serve it because it is the first coffee that Zane, the owner, fell in love with. We have a really great relationship with Alain and love the roast profiles that he develops for us.

What is your favourite thing about going to work at Ginger and Fig?

My favourite thing is the atmosphere and my relationship with the customers. I really enjoy my job and I love what I do.

Jabu by Rita Ludike-4-compressed

Follow Jabu and Ginger and Fig on Instagram at @jabuthe_b and @gingerandfig5


Ginger and Fig

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Words and images: Rita-Mari Ludike


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