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When decorating a child’s room, it’s important to take your child on the journey with you – it’s their private and safe space after all


When you set out to decorate a bedroom for one of the younger members of the family, it’s important to see things from the child’s perspective, says Amelia Mariella Audinwood, interior design partner at Wolfe & Hare, a luxury interior and gift store in Cape Town, from where she and Kizzie Stenslunde run their design consultancy.

“You want to create a room where they can disappear into their own magical world. It should be a space they love spending time in, because it’s a special time that won’t last forever. As they grow into teenagers, it’s wise to provide a space where they can relax with their friends, and where they feel there is freedom under a safe roof,” she says.


Be guided by the expert

Depending on the age and personality of your child, you should let them guide you when it comes to ideas for their bedroom. “Get your child involved in the process. It makes them feel empowered and will inspire their own imagination. A child’s bedroom should be a space that will complement their unique personality,” she continues.

Bring in something special, like a night light to make them feel safe in the dark, or a comfortable chair where they can snuggle up with a toy when they want to read a book.

Changeable elements

One of the biggest challenges when decorating a child’s bedroom, is that their needs and tastes change as they grow up. It’s therefore a good idea to spend most of the money on the big items, like the bed and other pieces of furniture. You can then work creatively with the soft furnishings and other smaller items, that in time can be swopped around or changed.

“Don’t be afraid to have fun with the cushions, wall colour, rugs and curtains, which you can switch out over time – remember that paint and fabrics are changeable!”

The Amelia Mariella children’s fabrics sold at Wolfe & Hare are used for cushions, upholstery and curtains in children’s bedrooms. The fabrics were designed using the artwork of children from art classes run by Amelia many years ago. These unique and beautiful art pieces were reimagined by Amelia, who turned them into designs of flowers and animals that are printed onto fabric.

“It’s also fun to pop a colour throughout the scheme,” says Amelia, “with complementary items such as a storage chest, curtains and cushions of the same colour.”


Buy local

There’s a strong surge of support for “buying local” at the moment following the negative impact of Covid-19 on so many businesses; this also applies to the interiors industry.

Sourcing local toys and other items to spruce up your child’s room has never been more important, and is something close to the hearts of Amelia and Kizzie.

“We’re determined to help as many local businesses as possible by stocking their products. We sell an incredible range of children’s knitted toys made by a group of talented local women. We also have crocheted pouffes in funky colours, and rugs to brighten up a room and provide a warm soft spot for children to play on. For storage we have beautiful crocheted baskets perfect for all the little pieces like Lego and small toys.”

Be on the lookout for various other examples of local products and beautiful handmade articles to enhance the interior of any room.


Storage is one of the key elements in a child’s bedroom. It’s necessary to have an organised space that a child can play and work in.

“For little children, remember to have low shelving that they can get to, and under-the-bed pull-out storage is always a winner. It’s equally important for teenagers to have adequate storage and a desk to feel organised while working,” says Amelia.

Children need to express their own personal style. A small child needs to be taken on a creative journey in their bedroom and a teenager needs privacy and a space to study in peace. The finished room should be colourful, accessible and a design which can change as the child grows.



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