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Any self-respecting metro man in the 031 will be familiar with the niche barbershop, Nev the Barber. We chat with the man behind the shop, Nev Ebelthite.

Tell us a bit about yourself.Nev The Barber

I’m a barber/hairstylist and own/run two barbershops called Nev the Barber. I’ve been in the industry for about 10
years now. I trained at a leading Durban salon and decided to branch out on my own in 2010.

How was Nev the Barber born?

Nev the Barber first opened in 2010, in a tiny little shop in Glenwood. The idea started back when I was working as a hairstylist in a traditional salon, which was great, but the more I spoke to my male clients the more I realised the need for a specialised barbershop. At the time, there wasn’t really much available for men. So I decided I wanted to open a really cool, affordable barbershop that men could get an amazing haircut and feel relaxed in, grab a coffee and just chill.

What do you specialise in?

I’d say the two main things we specialise in are haircuts (we give an amazing fade) and beard grooming.

Share a little bit about your stylists.

We have five barbers/stylists right now and all of them are amazing. We kind of do it all, men and women’s hair, but have really specialised in men’s hair and grooming.

Any future plans for the shop?

I’d definitely love to grow the shops into more communities, as at the moment we’re in Glenwood and Durban North. I just love the idea of being a community shop and creating a community within the barbershops. We’re also currently starting to offer cut and colour services for women from our Durban North store. I think that we’ve been holding off on it, but the timing is right and I feel like ladies are really digging the relaxed atmosphere of a barbershop. So now men and women can be a part of the Nev the Barber community.

What do you love most about your neighbourhood?

Glenwood is amazing, it’s got such an eclectic vibe to it: young, old, different cultures and classes. It’s just such an interesting area to be in. The people are awesome and I love that we’ve become a part of that community.

Where’s the nearest place to grab good chow before or after a cut?

I’m a huge fan of Mooki noodles – great food and great people.


Nev the Barber

Glenwood, 071 898 7555

Durban North, 083 248 5150


Words: Jenna Kelly | Images: Supplied



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