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With its luxuriously spacious and private apartments, Steyn City’s new City Centre redefines the meaning of holistic living

“Holistic” is one of those terms that has been bandied about so often it has almost become meaningless – but Steyn City’s new City Centre has been designed in such a way that we’re reminded just what it means to live a life where every facet of your lifestyle is addressed, and every day is like a holiday. Take the need for security, for instance. As part of the broader Steyn City parkland, the Steyn City’s new City Centre’s residents are protected with 24-hour foot patrols and perimeter security, as well as a 24-hour security hub. The luxury apartments themselves offer even more safety measures, including triple biometric access control and its own security nerve hub with over 600 cameras.

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Then there are the apartments. If the past two years have taught us anything, it’s that a sense of space and privacy is central to our wellbeing – and while you may think you’d have to compromise to enjoy the type of maintenance free convenience that is such an attractive aspect of apartment living, the exact opposite is true here. High ceilings, spacious rooms (big enough to fit a king-size bed) and stylish touches like blu-line integrated kitchens with Gaggenau appliances and Kohler fittings make for a home that oozes comfort with more than a dash of luxury. Air conditioning and double glazing complete this package.


For most of us, time is a major issue – there simply is never enough of it. This is where Steyn City’s new City Centre’s location is key. Residents enjoy access to every one of Steyn City’s renowned amenities, which means they can explore a range of leisure activities – from golf to horse riding, fishing, birdwatching, gym, running on the 45km floodlit promenade or cycling on 50km MTB track – without venturing too far from the front door. Plus, the on-site AAA-grade offices at Capital Park, and the Steyn City Schools campus, help you cram even more minutes into your day by removing the daily commute.

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With so many of your daily responsibilities and niggling concerns taken care of for you, relaxation is an integrated part of Steyn City’s new City Centre carefree lifestyle. But the developers have worked harder to incorporate elements that enhance it that much more – such as the Ultimate Helistop, from where you can fly to your next destination (whether meeting or leisure escape) within mere minutes, and the 300m lagoon opposite offering a host of water-based activities to transform every day into a holiday.

Of course, in the background at all times, is that 2,000-acre parkland – the feature for which the City Centre and Steyn City itself is best known; the feature which elevates it above an average address and turns it into a home where you can live your best life and connect with nature, every day. Just breathe.

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