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Durban locals are probably familiar with the glowing green internet cafe situated just off popular Florida Road. However, Cityzen recently expanded on its appeal by introducing a courtyard cafe, stellar coffee and a collaboration with Durban’s iconic Falafel Fundi.

For all cityzens

Image 10-compressed Described as “a social melting pot”, the cafe boasts a wide range of clientele. From professionals having a business meeting to those keen to kick back and play a round of FIFA on the PS4 after work, the cafe attracts a variety of different people – catering to them all.

Cityzen offers not only your basic internet-printing services, but a fun vibe, freshly baked goods and a beautiful outside courtyard too. In fact, Durban’s most popular Instagram shot right now seems to be of the epic mural painted amongst hanging plants, fairy lights and succulents in the outside area.


Plus, now you can also come and get your hands on one of Falafel Fundi’s delicious falafel wraps – any day of the week. Previously, falafel-lovers would have to wait for markets and queue up over weekends, whereas now you can enjoy freshly made Middle Eastern cuisine at Falafel Fundi’s first brick-and-mortar stall around the back of Cityzen.

Image 9-compressedConscious and artsy

Cityzen are also proud of their efforts to build sustainable relationships with the community, by collaborating with local artists or entrepreneurs in order to better the cafe and give exposure to local creatives. The cafe also has plans to host events such as exhibitions or poetry evenings, proving that Cityzen is so much more than a spot to make photocopies or update your Facebook status.

So whether you’ve got work to do, a soccer match to win, or simply want to wind down with a plate of food and a piping hot coffee in an amongst a spectacular succulent garden, be sure to head to Cityzen Internet Cafe!


Cityzen Internet Cafe

031 303 9169

Falafel Fundi

083 783 6172

Words: Jenna Kelly | Images: Supplied

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