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Even though a popular diet might have given bread a bad reputation, some of us still can’t resist a slice on our plates. For those who agree, try one of these bakeries in the neighbourhood for a wholesome loaf.


Broodhuijs is a trendy bakery well known for its artisan bread. The focus is on making the most delectable pastries and bread. It also offers boutique wines, gourmet sandwiches, great coffee and craft beers. Pumpkin bread, multigrain, ciabatta, French baguette, olive bread and 100% rye are just a few of the options on offer.


Lucky Bread Company

The wooden shelves are heavily laden with freshly baked breads in this small haven in the middle of the busy Brooklyn Mall. The wonderful aroma of ground coffee beans and bread floats in the air. The bakery uses only stone-ground flour, wild yeast sourdough and old-school mixing to create bread with a fluffy and soft interior, and golden and crusty exterior.

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Knead Bakery

Knead Bakery at The Club Shopping Centre has a rustic, easy-going feel to it. The wooden furniture, copper lampshades and checked blankets add to the cosy atmosphere. Make sure to get a spot in the winter sun outside while eating one of Knead’s baked goodies. Bread is Knead’s passion and it’s handmade from the finest flours, natural yeast and oils available.


The Bread Gyspy

At The Bread Gypsy’s farm, north of Pretoria, fermentation is a slow process and no preservatives are added. The bakery produces a wide range of artisan breads using Eureka stone-ground flour and wood-burning ovens. Its stockists are Lucky Bread Company, Pretoria Boeremark and Hazel Food Market. You can also buy directly from the farm.


012 346 5753

Lucky Bread Company

012 346 0979

Knead Bakery

012 346 2265

The Bread Gypsy

082 458 4864


Words: Zena le Roux | Images: Supplied

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