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Pretoria offers superb Greek dining experiences

In Greece, cafes are a big part of daily life, and Taste of Greece, situated alongside bustling Lynnwood Road, captures the heart of the country’s lifestyle and food, offering visitors an authentic piece of Greece right here in Pretoria. This lively cafe with Greek music buzzing in the background is the perfect spot to grab a scrumptious lunch during a busy workday. Tuck into a freshly prepared chicken, beef or pork souvlaki, pita bread with filling, or try the loukaniko, a grilled home-made Greek sausage.


For dessert, enjoy the baklava, a sweet pastry made of layers of phyllo, filled with chopped nuts and syrup; halva square cake, made with ground sesame seed; or have kourabiedes, almond shortbread cookies, wrapped up specially to enjoy as a tea-time treat.


This homely space offers an opportunity to kick back and relax with friends over an ouzo while soaking up the feeling of being in a quaint cafe in Greece. On your way out, browse the shelves for some speciality items, such as a jar of olives, bag of pasta or bottle of olive oil, straight from the home country, to recreate an authentic Greek food experience at home.



Located in Brooklyn Design Square, Mythos is a contemporary Greek restaurant with cosmopolitan flair. It’s perfect for most celebrations, whether a family lunch, a dinner, birthday or corporate function. Food has always accompanied a celebration for the Greeks, and here the full-on experience can be enjoyed, complete with plate-smashing and Greek dancing.

The menu includes a wide variety of meze and traditionally cooked meals such as kleftiko – tender lamb shank, slow roasted on the bone – and moussaka – layers of eggplant, tomatoes and mince, baked in béchamel. Most of their main dishes are grilled and include olive oil and lemon, which the Greeks believe to be the secret to their longevity. The decor and interior of this cosy restaurant offer the warmth of the Mediterranean to those who visit, promising an enjoyable festive atmosphere.

Round off a meal with one of the tantalising desserts, such as the kataifi – a delicately spiced pecan or walnut and cinnamon filling wrapped in shredded phyllo and covered in syrup, with ice cream – and wash it down with a traditional Greek coffee.


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Text: Lisa Dewberry
Images: Lisa Dewberry | Supplied


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