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GUDGU is an Afrikaans acronym for Goedheid Uit Die Grond Uit which translates to “goodness out of the ground”. Since its establishment in 2013 it has been all about home-made and slow-cooked goodness with an appreciation for quality. Now GUDGU is making the tastiest cordials that remind me of beverages my gran used to make. It also boasts a Banting and diabetic-friendly cordial range that is guilt-free and sugar-free. The products are not bound by the seasons, so they can be enjoyed throughout the year.

The guys behind the brand

The men behind the GUDGU are Viljoen de Kock and Pieter du Plessis. Viljoen is the brains behind the product while Pieter takes care of the branding and marketing side of the business. Founder Viljoen says, “We only make products that get ‘wooha!’ reactions, otherwise we don’t do it.”


Old-fashioned goodness

GUDGU is making old-fashioned trendy again by returning to its roots and slowing things down. The business grows some of its own plants and creates extracts and flavours from them. By using only the best natural products in the slow-cooked cordials GUDGU puts flavour first. With no added colourants or preservatives it keeps its products as healthy as possible. The flavours include pink lemonade, granadilla, lemonade, strawberry, Turkish delight, pineapple, litchi, blueberry, ginger, watermelon, mango, elderflower, elderberry and pink sweetie.

GUDGU lemonade

Easy recipes

Piña Colada cocktail

Pour three tots of GUDGU pineapple cordial into a cocktail shaker. Add 250ml coconut cream or milk, two tots of vodka or Coco Rico rum and ice and shake. Pour into your favourite cocktail glass and garnish with a pineapple slice, strawberry or pomegranate pips.


Shirley Temple cocktail

Pour one tot of GUDGU pink lemonade cordial into a glass. Add two tots of vodka and ice. Fill up the glass with GUDGU ginger beer.

Blueberry Bliss cocktail

Mix three tots of GUDGU blueberry cordial, two tots of vodka, soda water and ice in a cocktail shaker. Pour into your favourite cocktail glass and garnish with lemon slices and mint leaves.


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Words: Rita-Mari Ludike
Images: Supplied

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