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Words: Anne Schauffer

Bruce Fyfe and Kelsey Boyce of Fyfe Boyce Design, are convinced that with most people’s madly busy lifestyles, there’s a continued desire for uncluttered, stress-free living. “That often promotes contemporary and clean-lined spaces,” says Bruce. “There’s also a strong, growing trend to turn one’s pad into one resembling a place of peace and calm, perhaps one that’s similar to a favourite getaway. Among other goals, it’s all about creating a space that is a little daring and that ultimately says ‘this reflects me’, expressing one’s own identity.” Bruce believes this trend can be seen across all areas of decor – from furnishings to accessories and even artwork. “The 80s are back… think Danny de Vito and Bette Midler in Ruthless People, Elton John, Madonna and ET…”


Plascon chose “ravine” as their neutral of the year, which, they say, “Tells us that, even though it has evolved over more than ten years as one of the top decorative neutrals, grey is here to stay.” Ravine is described as “a timeless blend of grey and beige – with a taupe undertone – which invites a minimalistic yet luxurious look to a space and, according to the Plascon Colour Connoisseurs, is the perfect hue for the classic home in the 21st century”. There you have it. And on grey’s enduring popularity, colour expert Claire Bond says, “Ravine continues to be our warm go-to natural as it provides a neutral canvas making it a safe option when detail needs to be added, be it a coloured painted feature wall, curtaining, flooring or upholstery.”

Bruce says the colours they’re seeing as trending into 2019 are definitely retro based: “From clean, feminine and glamorous pastels, through to dirty, richer clays, terracottas, tobacco hues, earthy greens and shades of warm yellows to moody mustards. Black, along with neutrals, remain classics and are always easy to dress.”

The 80s are back

Bruce points out connections, “The 80s are playing a big part in fashion, decor, cinema and television. In fashion, we’re seeing a return of the trendy puffer and high-waisted pants of the 80s, with teens scouring second-hand bargain bins for retired old garb for the look that is currently gracing the catwalks. On television, we’re watching Wynona Ryder in Stranger Things, with styling and cinematography reminiscent of our favourite extra-terrestrial.

“Fashion, television and decor are all closely linked on current trend, and we’re seeing the 80s embraced by many top American designers and locals alike. Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Jonathan Adler and Kelly Wearstler – LA designers to the stars – have bravely worked with colour and retro 80s influences to create spaces that are worthy of Hollywood royalty. Locally, artworks by Andrea Bowman and Kurt Pio bring in glamour and colour with pop culture references. Sculpture and ceramics by Astrid Dahl, Xavier Clarisse and Anthony Shapiro reflect current trends in shapes and choice of material from brass to leather, clean whites to all on-trend colours of now.

Fabrics and wallpapers are ever-growing and keep up with the trends on the catwalk. Velvets, bold large patterns, geometric or random, and texture are all the rage to work with tailored and curated spaces. Choice of timber finishes is also changing from the raw blonder woods that have been around for a while now, to ebony-stained and brass-trimmed, warmer mahogany timbers and painted to gilded finishes.”

From here to Hollywood

Bruce sums up, “All around, when the world is in such a strange place economically, politically and ethically, the current trends are there to elevate moods and for people to express their ideas and individuality. Hollywood glamour is alive and well!”

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