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Words: Denise Mhlanga Images: Supplied

Homemation has launched an Automation Experience Centre showroom in Kramerville offering a complete smart home experience. Founders and Joint CEOs, Nicholas Gliksman and Daniel Mclean tell us more.

Tell us more about your business

Nicholas Gliksman who holds a BCom Law Degree and Daniel Mclean, a chartered accountant partnered to start Plinth studio in 2007. Two years later the company merged with Homemation supplier of premium branded audiovisual, home automation and home theatre products. Gliksman ran a successful AV custom installation business while Mclean used to be DJ and working with computers until the partnership to was born.

Why did you choose this area to set up shop?

Our previous offices were across the road from our new space and so we always loved the location and wanted the Experience Centre and offices under one roof.

How has the area changed from when you first started to now?

It is a trendy and design orientated precinct.

Have the changes been for better or worse?

Definitely positive changes lots of foot traffic since the areas is known for its trendy stores, quirky cafes and good energy.

How did you find your premises?

We have been in Kramerville for 4 years and wanted to remain here, and so we used a broker to find us the new space.

Why are they ideally suited to your business?

Kramerville East is where you find most of the “home improvement” places where consumers will shop for the home – given the growth within this market, more businesses are moving into Kramerville West which is where we are located. The space is situated close to major highways, so our dealers can easily access our offices and warehouse.

What are the shop rental/sales prices like in this area?

Market related.

What do you love about this neighbourhood?

Kramerville is a forward-thinking, vibrant and attractive space.

Any tips for business owners looking to buy/rent in this area?

Ensure you are in the hub of the design space as all retailers begin to benefit from one another – offering complimentary services and creating a one stop shop for homeowners.

Homemation – Smart Home of the Future Centre
14 Commerce Crescent, Kramerville Sandton
Tel: 011 781 8887

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