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The level of security protecting the home may well be the deal-breaker when trying to sell your property since the best protection translates into the best security system, particularly ones implementing cutting-edge products.

Lew Geffen Sotheby’s International Realty agent Nina Smith says the security measures prospective buyers most commonly enquire about, are alarm systems, beams, security gates, electric fencing and secure parking.

“The best crime deterrents vary in line with lifestyle, but a layered system – perimeter electric fencing, security beams in the garden, passive sensors of exterior doors and windows, security doors on sliding doors, and burglar bars on windows – is the most effective in preventing criminals from gaining access,” she says.

Advancing on the basics

While sensors, door chimes, alarms and the control panel remain essential basics, innovative features can significantly extend the home security system’s capacity.

Blue Security sales and marketing director Darren Lategan says closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras are affordable security devices that can boost a property’s value.

The price has substantially dropped in recent years, making the latest technology accessible to middle-income homeowners.
“Homeowners can view their properties remotely and be linked to the security system to receive mobile phone notifications and photographs,” he says.

Alternative security features that may impress potential buyers include smart alarm systems whereby owners can remotely lock and unlock driveway gates and front doors, while automated number plate recognition cameras installed in gated communities adds another dimension to the security level.

An intercom system that allows owners to buzz in visitors once they’ve been vetted via the camera is another updated security system that will appeal to buyers.

Driveway gate

Ensuring the driveway gate has an anti-lift device to prevent criminals from removing it from the rails and securing the gate motor with an anti-theft bracket is another level of security that can make the property stand out in the crowd. Pedestrian gates should be locked with a cylinder lock.

Exterior beams

Exterior beams offer a second layer of perimeter security as they detect movement in the garden and activate an alarm system to warn about intruders. If potential buyers aren’t burdened with that additional expense, it can work in their favour.

Neighbourhood watch

Your neighbours are your nearest point of call and an active neighbourhood watch provides another boost to the broader security within the area. Lew Geffen Sotheby’s International Realty chairman Lew Geffen encourages new buyers to join the local neighbourhood watch as there’s “strength in numbers” that can impact on crime incidents in an area and it assists new owners to integrate with their new community

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