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While in the US some years ago, well into his 30s, the City Slukker was delighted, when walking into a vibrant pub in Sarasota, Florida, to be “carded” (asked to produce his ID). This obviously meant he looked a lot younger than his actual years. After all, you could only be carded if you looked younger than 21, the minimum age requirement in the state at that time for drinking alcohol in a bar. It was only after the fourth sip of his Budweiser draught that the Slukker noticed a sign above the counter: “We don’t take chances – we also card George Burns.” At that point, the much-loved comedian and actor had just turned 100.

The Hisory of Hooters

The Sarasota bar happened to be a Hooters outlet, that iconic ultra-orange-drenched franchise – also famous for its Hooters Girls – which started in Florida 32 years ago. It now stretches to 430 establishments in 28 countries, the latest of which happens to be in Port Elizabeth. There was little chance CS would be carded when he made his way through the doors of this Hooters on the corner of Heugh Road and Third Avenue in Walmer, but he certainly got a youthful spring in his step when he encountered the exact same vibe in the pozzie as back in Florida.

Hooters in PE

CS has visited Hooters at Emperors Palace and Umhlanga and, checking out the PE locale, was reminded of Goldilocks. The first is arcade-like and a little too spacious and stretched out, the second a tad too cramped, but here in the Bay, franchise holder Donovan Noyle and his team have got it just right. There’s an airy balance space-wise between the dining section and the pub and the layout is user-friendly.


What does Hooters offer

For the really thirsty, there’s the famous Big Daddy draught in a whopping 1L mug. CS opted for a more modest 500ml Castle draught which was served up pronto in a sparklingly clean glass and served his thirst plentifully.

On the munchies side – which CS has sampled and recommends (the burgers with an array of mouth-watering toppings are terrific – there are the Hooters signature meals and sides such as its chicken wings and curly fries (great with a cheese sauce dip), along with salads, seafood, ribs, steaks and more.

And service? Well, Hooters worldwide may have had some sexist-sensitive individuals looking askance at their staff’s proportions (ratios, people, ratios), but the Slukker can tell you one thing: the gals – and guys – at this establishment have all the energy, waitering skills and friendliness you could possibly want. That’s what counts, isn’t it?

Hooters Port Elizabeth

041 581 0310

Words: Brett Adkins
Images: Fredlin Adriaan

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