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Hazelwood seems to be bursting at the seams with exciting new developments, the latest being Hudsons – The Burger Joint. Since its inception in 2009, the Hudsons craze that started in Cape Town has spread like wildfire, and it’s finally reached Pretoria.

The venue

The restaurant is the perfect combination of indoor and outdoor dining. Outside, patrons get to sit under a ceiling of hanging planters and soft lighting. On a warm day the front of the restaurant completely opens up and guests sitting inside can enjoy the sights and sounds of the buzzing street. The triple volume space immediately gives it a spacious and airy atmosphere and its industrial decor paired with leather booths, makes this burger joint a chic, homely space in which to enjoy a summer afternoon.

The beer

Great care has been taken to select a good balance between craft and commercial beers. Anything from favourites such as Jack Black and Devil’s Peak, Castle and Peroni to lesser known Stickman and Harfield are available on the menu. Hudsons also has their own fruity Hudsons Pale Ale Draught on tap, brewed specially for Hudsons by Jack Black’s Brewing Company. If you prefer a lighter fruity beer, Jack Black’s Atlantic Weiss Draught is a great medium bodied beer with notes of caramel and apple. Always welcome on any drinks menu is Fiery Dragon Ginger Beer, a refreshing alcoholic ginger beer that is both tasty and the perfect company for someone who doesn’t like beer.

Hudsons 01

The burgers

The menu consists of a great selection of beef burgers such as cheese-stuffed patties and a beef patty topped with slow roasted pulled pork. For the weight-conscious, there is a delicious ostrich burger topped with blue cheese, and avocado. Great effort has been made to make their chicken burgers interesting with a choice between a peri-peri or a barbecue chicken burger topped with basil pesto, butternut, and tomato relish. There are two vegetarian options available, which include a chickpea and lentil patty topped with caramelized onion, goats cheese, and avocado as well as a falafel patty with yogurt, jalapeno, sriracha and julienne vegetables. And if you can’t choose, you can always choose an order of sliders – three mini burgers.


Hudsons – The Burger Joint

012 346 2619

Words and images: Rita-Mari Ludike

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