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The Irene Green Market supports local and handmade quality products, but are very selective about the products they offer and work directly with producers and farmers. Think organically grown seasonal veggies, pastured eggs and organic dairy products, free range chicken, traditionally baked sourdough breads, rusks and cookies, raw honey and raw nuts, locally manufactured artisan cheeses and natural beauty and cleaning products.

How did your business start?DSC06861-min

Our initiative started about a year ago as a small green market in Centurion. The idea was to provide the best natural and organic products and fresh produce to our customers at the best possible prices, directly from the producers. Till the end of 2015 we were operating as a regular market with tables and gazebos, but since the beginning of this year we were fortunate enough to have a permanent structure. We now operate every Wednesday and Saturday, 9am till 12pm, as a green health shop and market.

Why did you choose this area to set up shop?

We saw the need for a green market in our area and Smuts House Museum grounds (Irene, Centurion) was the perfect location with their beautiful outdoor setting. The museum supported our initiative and felt that the idea of a green market fits well with the values of holistic living that General Smuts wrote about years ago.

How did you find your premises?DSC06871-min

We knew the area and the grounds so our choice was easy.

Why are they ideally suited to your business?

Our market is surrounded by the natural beauty of old trees and we are occasionally visited by troops of playful monkeys. We offer a brand new outdoor shopping experience, where the whole family, including pets, are welcome to enjoy the natural park environment.

Who are your neighbours?

The Smuts House Museum, Twin Rivers Estate and Gem Village Retirement Centre.

What are the shop rental/sales prices like in this area?Raw honey-min

There is no retail space in this area, so there are no rentals. We do pay a monthly rate (half of our stall holders’ fees) to the museum in order to support them.

What is your shop footprint?

Wednesday we have about 250 – 350 faithful returning customers plus occasional visitors, while on Saturdays we have slightly less as we are still promoting and developing our second working day.

Do you have any expansion plans?

Yes, we are planning on growing our shop/market and converting it into a well-known green food market in Centurion with thousands of happy customers.

Do you operate online as well?DSC06853-min

We are in the process of developing our website and we do accept email orders via our weekly newsletter, but we don’t have an online shopping option.

What’s your most popular item/service?

Fresh produce: organic milk and butter, pastured eggs, our famous sourdough breads, cookies and rusks, raw honey and cold-pressed oil, free-range chicken and artisan cheeses.


Irene Green MarketPastured eggs-min

082 553 5044


Words: Zena le Roux

Images: Supplied


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