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Balancing the best of urban design and untouched natural beauty with modern conveniences, Lion Pride Estate is giving its residents an unsurpassed lifestyle at a price that’s within middle-income earners’ reach

The team behind Lion PrideCosmopolitan Projects and Central Developments – has astutely cherry-picked the estate facilities that truly make a positive impact on one’s daily life. Top-notch security, super-fast yet affordable internet access, a beautiful eco-park, and an excellent independent school within walking distance, are just some of the perks residents will enjoy.


In the heart of the greater Lion Pride Lifestyle Estate lies a protected 17ha eco-park. The area is a combination of wetlands and Egoli granite grasslands, and because it is an area of environmental value, it is strictly governed by the authorities. “The eco-park area will be kept natural,” says Ian van Rensburg, head of land development, Cosmopolitan Projects. “In a conservation area, you have limited options of what you can do in terms of landscaping. However, this means residents will have a true piece of nature to enjoy.”

Urban design

Lion Pride’s natural elements are not just restricted to the eco-park. “We’re bringing urban landscape design elements into the whole estate including at the entrances, traffic circles, sidewalks, gatehouses, and play parks throughout the eight security estates,” says Van Rensburg. The whole estate has been carefully designed, with soft, curved lines mimicking those found in nature and creating a sense of serenity – even the meandering paved sidewalks next to the roads don’t follow straight lines.

Eco-friendly and water-wise indigenous plants such as aloes and ornamental grasses are found all around the estate, and rock-cladded walls and boulders create an organic feel. Where large indigenous trees had to be moved, they’ve been replanted at the main entrance, in traffic circles and flanking the main routes into the estate. Where trees could not be replanted, the wood will be used throughout the public spaces to create organic sculptures or hopping logs for children to clamber on.


The impeccably-designed estate has not only taken lifestyle-enhancing natural spaces into account; an independent school and convenience shopping centre will also open within the greater estate in the next two years. Since 2017, the Cosmo Central Group has developed three other independent schools that start at Grade RRR and run up to Grade 12 at Leopard’s Rest in Alberton, Sky City south of Alberton, and Amberfield City in Centurion. The Lion Pride school will be their fourth.

“Since we provide family housing at Lion Pride, a school is a must have for a development of this size and it adds to the quality of life and peace of mind,” says Alda Erasmus, head of communication. “How many city kids today are fortunate enough to be able to either walk or cycle to and from school without having to worry about their safety?” The school is planned for 2023 and will open in the same year as the 11,000m2 shopping centre – together they will address residents’ commercial and educational needs.


For most South Africans safety is a huge priority, and Lion Pride Lifestyle Estate has a top-of-the-range security system in place to ensure residents will sleep soundly at night. The greater Lion Pride comprises eight individual security estates each enclosed by its own 1,8m- to 2,1m-high perimeter wall, topped by a 10-strand electric fence and combined with a perimeter CCTV network which is monitored in the guardhouse, as well as off site. Guards will patrol each estate, which can only be accessed through a manned gatehouse with full, state-of-the-art biometric access control so that only residents and their guests will be allowed to enter these estates. Once completed, the greater estate will be enclosed by another 2,5m-high concrete perimeter wall.


After remote working has surged in popularity due to the pandemic, it’s good to know that all of Lion Pride’s houses have fibre-to-the home (FTTH) internet connectivity. The Cosmo Central Group has partnered with Surf4Life and IANet who designed a unique internet solution for all its developments. New Lion Pride residents move into a home that already has a router installed and Surf4Life activates their services free of charge on the day they move in. The first month of 15Mb per second uncapped internet is free, and after that residents can simply purchase the package that suits their needs.

The service is provided on a no contract basis with only prepaid, month-to-month services available, and residents can even set up a 12-month debit order that they can cancel at any time without any penalties, giving them complete flexibility. Surf4Life offers a superb service with no fair usage policies and unthrottled, unshaped and uncapped bandwidth on all their internet packages.


Cosmopolitan Projects team: 010 045 9099
Central Developments team: 063 292 9914

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