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Take vintage clothing, and mix it up with a little style and finesse. Locate it within one of Durban’s thriving urban regeneration programmes and you get Mind Over Matter Clothing. The brainchild of Ndumi Matiwane, Mind Over Matter Clothing hosts a collection of specially curated vintage clothing that’s sourced, restored, restyled or upcycled to create a unique line that includes beautiful accessories. We spoke with Ndumi about her exciting enterprise.

How did your business start? DSC_1810-compressed

My business began when I started selling off my old vintage clothes, after a move from Cape Town to Durban. I started selling at markets and from home, which led my business to grow and take off. I began taking it a little more seriously and started collecting and restyling vintage items for my customers. Our first store opened at 8 Morrison Street and we recently moved to 39 Station Drive.

Why did you choose this area to set up shop?

It’s a developing industrial area that’s home to emerging and creative businesses. The precinct is a promising and exciting place to be, with much growth and further development of the area under way and planned for the future.

How did you find your premises?

A friend who operates a business from within the Station Drive precinct referred me.

Why are the premises ideally suited to your business?

It’s a central, easy-to-access location, and the area is frequented by my target market – those who appreciate art-driven products and creative inspiration.

Who are your neighbours?DSC_1823-compressed

Station Drive hosts a diverse mixture of creative businesses. Restaurants, design studios and companies focused on creating artisan goods are located here. These include: The Plant, The Warehouse, The Design Factory, Studio031, The Foundry and Savior Brand Co.

What are the shop rental/sales prices like in this area?

Quite reasonable, especially when compared to other retail spaces.

What is your shop footprint/traffic?

A number of visitors to the nearby coffee shop pop in to see us, and the wide range of events hosted within the precinct are great for business. We have First Thursdays, held on the First Thursday of the month, which is great for business. We also recently started having regular I Heart Market events, hosted by The Plant, which also increases foot traffic for most of the shops located within Station Drive.

Do you have any expansion plans?

Yes, I hope to develop my own brand of clothing in the near future.

Do you operate online as well? DSC_1821-compressed

We receive a lot of customers through our online presence, especially through people who follow us on Instagram (@mindovermatterdbn).

What’s your most popular item?

Shirts, jackets and dresses.


Mind Over Matter Clothing

Words: Cath Jenkin
Images: Supplied


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