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Words: Kit Heathcock | Images: Supplied

Ska Clothing’s creative, colourful fashion has long been synonymous with the outdoor party scene, and its six Cape Town stores are the go-to places for anyone wanting a splash of colour and hippy individuality in their lives. Founder Meezraci Zion tells us about the latest store in Sea Point’s Regent Road.

How did your business start?
I travelled the globe for years and grew to love the tribal richness found in the Far East and South America, as well as the colourful earthiness of gypsy traders in Europe, all of which contributed to Ska’s birth in Cape Town in 1997. We started selling crazy hats and handmade jewellery on Green Market Square and then at many festivals. Our first shop opened in Long Street 17 years ago and we built up a reputation for individual handmade designs, some imported from the East, others by local designers, with unique styles, hand-loomed cotton, beautiful embroidery or just outstanding colours and patterns. Over the years we’ve gradually grown, starting off with pop-up shops in malls like Cavendish Square. Now we’ve just opened our sixth permanent store in Cape Town.

Why did you choose this area for your new store?
We love the seaside vibe; there’s a melting pot of people there who appreciate our fun, unique, laidback, hippy style.

How did you find your premises?
We went out scouting one day and saw a small tailor shop to rent, in a prime location in Regent Road. When we called the agent, he immediately told us that the shop was actually much larger but was blocked by a dry-wall at the time.

Why are the premises ideally suited to your business?
They’re the right size and location, there are many tourists and holiday-makers in the area and Regent Road is a busy walking street with many individual shops and eateries and a happening vibe.

Who are your neighbours?
Our neighbours are Cutting It Fine, a hairdresser; a plant nursery; a print shop; and Myth, a decor shop. Then along the road there’s also the Mojo Market.

What are the rental/sales prices like in this area?
The rental in this area is between R200/m2 and R300/m2.

How many people visit your business each day?
Around 50 people per day.

Do you have any expansion plans?
Stellenbosch and Somerset West would be the next areas that we’d look at – we had a pop-up shop in Somerset West that gained a lot of interest. We’d love to open a shop in Joburg again, but no one on our current team wants to move, so that would depend on finding the right person there.

Do you operate online as well?
Yes, you can shop through our website and we deliver nationally.

What’s your most popular item?
It’s difficult to say, we have many popular items and such a diverse clientele, all looking for unique items. But our money belts, hemp hats and Ohm scarves are all firm favourites.

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