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Music aficionados all over Pretoria have seen all their beloved hangout spots close and change one by one until there wasn’t much rock ‘n’ roll happening in the area. Waiting around for somebody to revive the scene to the good-old days of Nile Crocodile wasn’t an option for four musicians and entrepreneurs: Vincent “Ziggy” Kruger, Warren Lloyd Frost, Finn MacKinnon and Brendon Daniel Levendig.

They took their inspiration from various places like the music scene in Washington DC in the ’80s where musicians took it upon themselves to get their music out to the public. Vincent, Warren, Finn and Brendan have made it happen by any means possible – for more than a year they’ve worked on making sure that the music scene in Pretoria is flourishing. Since September 2014 there’s been a storm brewing. It’s called Bobbejaan.


All in one

Not only does Bobbejaan Productions promise to provide local patrons of the arts with great events, like the recent party titled “Speed with Réunion Island band Kilkil”, it also gives up-and-coming musicians a much-needed foot in the door. With collaboration and an immense love for music at the very heart of Bobbejaan’s vision, the guys manage and help various great South African bands under the label Bobbejaan Records. The label’s vision is to be a one-stop label where musicians can be nurtured from the point of inception to the point of exhibition.


Red Right Hand

Located in the heart of Pretoria at the historical Belgrave Hotel is Red Right Hand, an exhibition space created by Bobbejaan Productions as a place where people can attend most of its events. The Red Right Hand has been open since June last year. Set up to be nomadic, Red Right Hand is currently stationed at the Belgrave. However, events pop up all over Pretoria.


Upcoming events

On 8 April you can rock out to The Tazers at the EP launch for their new album Time Machine at Red Right Hand. The line-up includes CUSP, Ruff Majik, The Tazers and the Hellcats. To stay updated on upcoming events visit the Bobbejaan Productions website and keep an eye on its Facebook page. Also tune in to its show, Sangoma Sessions on The Grind Radio, on Wednesdays from 7pm.


Bobbejaan Productions

083 292 0840


Words: Rita-Mari Ludike
Images: Supplied

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