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The streets of Rosebank are home to luxurious hotels, high-end shopping malls, and a fabulous social hub for young professionals, local celebrities, and designers alike. The thriving area has a wide variety of booming venues and a great nightlife reputation. There’s always a café, bar, or club to find along your way.

Around the Design District, you’ll find an array of attractive hotspots – each of them even more appealing than the last. These are places like Moloko, Capital Café, and Latinova. As well as a popular nightlife atmosphere, Rosebank has an eclectic market scene too. You can visit markets such as the famous Rooftop Market or the African Craft Market – both are major tourist destinations.

The area is also part of the Official Johannesburg Pride walk, where thousands form a community of support for the LGBTQ. This is the largest Pride event on the African continent. The vibrant and joyous event makes its way through the streets of Rosebank before heading off to Zoo Lake.

Rosebank is not all about recreation – there’s some very important work being done too. Nu Metro Cinemas and Total both have large offices situated in the area. Big companies with their businessmen and women flood the area to make sure everything is going according to plan, and nothing is left undone.

There’s some exciting news for home seekers in Rosebank as there are plans for an exclusive residential development. The beautiful apartments of Park Central will be a celebration of new urbanist architecture, with over 445 units in the building. Its green status is in good standing, with a strong recycling ethic and gorgeous sky gardens overlooking the Johannesburg horizon. Park Central will be a unique opportunity for those wanting to settle in Rosebank, offering the buzz of the city with a lush abundance of greenery at the same time.

Rosebank is definitely up and coming, even more than it’s already accomplished. Watch this space!

Words: Meaghan Essel
Images: Supplied

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