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Sam Sithole breathes new life into old car parts and scrap metal. Sam Sithole’s funky metal trophy heads and animal sculptures are made from recycled car parts and scrap metal. His growing business, Sunshine Crafts, now has its own space at the Watershed, and sells at two other markets and takes part in various craft exhibitions.

Sam Sithole_1How did your business start?

Fifteen years back, I started selling at places like Rondebosch and Green Point crafts markets. In 2007, I joined Spier craft market. In the beginning I was making everything myself. Now I have a team of guys and I show them what to make.

Why did you choose this area to set up shop?

The CCDI (Cape Craft and Design Institute) has various programmes to learn about running a business, costings, finance and so on. As one of the members, I applied to be part of the CCDI shop at the Watershed, where a group of five or six crafters share the space and take it in turns to man the shop.

How did you find the premises?

After a few months at the CCDI shop, my products were selling so well that the Watershed offered me my own space, which I took on in April 2015.

Why are the premises ideally suited to your business?

Every day you meet different customers from all over the world. It’s quite a busy space.

Sam Sithole_2

Who are your neighbours?

They are all crafters making things like ostrich eggs, batik, wire animals and soapstone carvings.

What are shop rental prices like?

The space is good value. It’s affordable for the amount of sales we get.

What is your footprint?

It depends, but from 150 to 300 people coming in to the space and many more looking as they walk by.

Do you have any expansion plans?

It’s my target to have a bigger shop space. At the moment, as I’m new, I have quite a small space, so there’s no room to display my bigger animal-art pieces. Having said that, with a small space you don’t need so much stock to keep it full and attract customers.

Do you operate online?

No, but I hope to get a website built soon.

What’s your most popular product?

My soapstone birds do well, and the metal animal trophy heads.

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Sunshine Crafts

084 748 4107

Words: Kit Heathcock
Images Kit Heathcock and Supplied

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