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Out of ideas for Christmas presents this year? Every year, we break out in a sweat and hit the shopping malls in a froth, looking for options. How about something out of the ordinary for the discerning coffee and tea aficionados in your life?

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For the coffee fanatic

Swap out a pair of socks for a sleek and thoughtful gift that would make a coffee lover’s day. Double up on your coffee date at Aroma Coffee and get some much-needed gift shopping done at the same time. Aroma offers a great selection of four roasted coffees, which make a great add-on gift. The store also stocks speciality coffee equipment such as an Aerobie AeroPress coffee maker – perfect for that friend who can’t stand the terrible brew at work…
And if you can’t pop into the shop, this amazing light, portable coffee maker is also available online from Yuppiechef. To personalise your gift, add a recipe for iced coffee to combat the summer heat.

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For the tea adventurer

It might not be a treasure chest, but a box filled with all things tea-related will certainly warm the cockles of a tea-lover’s heart. Make sure you visit The Tea Merchant, a one-stop tea lover’s shop that purveys quirky tea gear, from beautifully crafted colourful cast-iron or delicate glass teapots, to a wide selection of loose-leaf and blossoming flower teas. Once you’ve stepped into this tea heaven, you might just leave converted.

If you need to get your gift in a jiffy this Christmas, it’s just a click away on The Tea Chest’s online store, which is filled to the brim with exotic teas from all over the world. Keep your eyes peeled for TWG Tea’s aromatic White and Red Christmas Tea Collection – the packaging is so beautiful it won’t need wrapping.


See for yourself

Aroma Coffee
012 362 3560

Yuppie Chef
0861 702 4969

The Tea Merchant

The Tea Chest

Words: Rita Ludike
Images: Supplied

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