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Looking for something unique for your home? Then why not shop local? We chat with local designer Gareth from GIH Studio, about his gorgeous new collection – ready for your next room revamp.

You’re a man of many talents, Gareth. How did you get into design?

I literally got into design because my high school career counsellor said it would be a good idea – along with advertising, architecture or being a forensic detective. I studied interior design at Wits Technikon and got a job in Durban for two and half years, before being retrenched and left to my own devices.

GIH Studio

What made you hone in on furniture?

I studied industrial design, focusing on giving people unique spaces, and I would generally end up designing custom furniture in the process. It was also niggling at me for some time to design for me and my tastes, and not only for clients based on certain projects.

Share a little about your latest collection.

It’s simple. I really tried to pare-back each piece of furniture and not overdecorate it. It’s about simple function and hopefully that is expressed beautifully through the proportion, material and detailing.

What’s your favourite piece in the collection?

The folding chair – it’s a really technical piece and ticks a lot of personal boxes. It’s slim, compact and I used beautiful, simple materials making it ergonomically comfortable.

What’s your top tip for those buying big-ticket furniture pieces?

In my opinion, think of its function and generally keep it neat. I’m not a fan of excess, size, space or decoration without an actual purpose or function.

GIH Studio

When it comes to interior decor, the number one thing to consider is

lighting. Lighting is everything. Lighting is life.

What do you love most about your neighbourhood?

I have two neighbourhoods, the one I live in (Durban North) and the one I work in (Berea). My neighbourhood at home feels like a holiday as I am very lucky to live on the beach with a view. Where I work, there are some gems – from top coffee spots to a phenomenal supplier over the road, plus the space I work in is full of really great people.

When you’re not working you’re.,.

Surfing, running, cooking, travelling and doing CrossFit (there, I said it).


GIH Studio

083 321 5884

Words: Jenna Kelly
Images: Supplied




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