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If you’re like many Capetonians, living in the CBD feels like the ultimate Cape Town experience. It’s not always affordable – what with half the world (or so it seems) wanting to live in the Cape Town City Bowl – but it is an experience unlike any other. Here are 10 (of many) reasons to live in the CBD.

1. The vibe
The Cape Town CBD vibe is what it’s all about. Busy, vibrant, thrilling, alive – this is what people talk about when they talk about Cape Town, and when you’re living in the CBD you know you’re living in the best part of Cape Town.

2. The food
It’s no coincidence that so many of SA’s best restaurants are found right here. But whether you’re looking for fine dining or delicious homemade eats, a hipster café or your local eatery, the CBD has it all – in walking distance.

CBD 01

3. The drinks
There are so many great bars in the CBD – everything from classy gin bars to dive bars and everything in between. And if coffee is your drink of choice, you’ll be spoilt for options too!

4. The easy access to everywhere
Who needs a car when you can walk everywhere? Or catch the MyCiTi if it’s ever so slightly too far. The joy of the CBD is that everything is close – and it’s all connected.

5. The unique shopping
You need never go into a shopping mall again with all the quirky, unique and once-off shops the Cape Town CBD has on offer. This is the home of creative shopping in Cape Town, and an absolute joy to explore.

CBD 02

6. The nightlife
Clubs, bars, live music venues and more – if anyone is going out in Cape Town tonight, they’re going out in the CBD. Don’t stress about driving home late at night when the nightlife is right in your back garden (so to speak).

7. The people
Because the Cape Town CBD is such a hive of activity for young and old alike, you’re guaranteed to meet some of the most interesting people in Cape Town while living in the CBD. It’s a melting pot of creativity.

8. The events
Anything cool that is happening in Cape Town is happening in the CBD – you can be sure of it. Check out our favourite interesting activities in Cape Town for inspiration, or any of the live music venues for nightly events.

9. The business
It’s not called the Central Business District for nothing. Walk to work or plug into any of the wide array of small businesses working from hot desks around the CBD – there’s more than enough to go round.

10. The views
And, of course, there are those views. Because it’s not enough that the Cape Town CBD offers great food, drinks, creativity and business – it does it with a backdrop of Table Mountain watching over you.

Words: Bridget McNulty | Images: Supplied

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