Our cultural evolution is reflected in a variety of interesting ways, but none so tasty as the one that’s been created around craft beer. As a family-owned micro craft establishment, The Standeaven Brewery is one that signs up to evolve and enhance the role of craft beer at our tables, with remarkable success.

Shaun Standeaven

Shaun Standeaven, Brewmaster at The Standeaven Brewery tells us that: “We’re a family-owned and run brewery, based on the Alverstone Hill. We all bring our different skills into the business. That makes us a strong unit when working together.”

craft beer
Trying new things

The Standeaven Brewery is never afraid to experiment when it comes to creating new products and testing them out on thirsty clientele. Shaun explains: “As a brewer, I am constantly exploring new recipes and testing them. Typically, we test a recipe on our loyal customers and friends. After that, once I am happy with a recipe, we then take it to a consumer-testing phase. People are really open to trying something new, especially with the rising popularity of craft beer and artisan products. We also constantly develop possible recipes for our clients. One of our latest additions that has done exceptionally well is our Watermelon Lager – it’s just something unexpected that still respects that it’s a beer – it just offers something a little different.”

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Experimentation pays off

While The Standeaven Brewery may have won numerous awards and had its praises sung by many a patron, the team remains committed to giving their clients the very best. As Shaun tells us, it’s not all about winning a trophy: “Thanks to the support we’ve received from the public, we’ve been fortunate enough to win some awards and featured well in beer judging competitions. But my personal proudest moment is just getting to see people enjoy something that I have had a personal hand in making – it’s truly rewarding.”

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Experience it for yourself:

Standeaven Brewery

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Words: Cath Jenkin
Images: Lucy Corne

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