Where it began

For owner, Lisa Morel, creating Lola’s Bistro was much more than simply starting and running a restaurant. As a little girl, Lisa Morel, had big dreams of owning a coffee shop one day, and as an adult she decided to remain true to that. Following a sojourn overseas, she returned to South Africa and opened the highly acclaimed Lola’s Coffee Shop in Umhlanga. After a year of operating as a coffee shop, an opportunity arose for Lola’s to become a fully fledged restaurant. Lola’s grew up, and is now Lola’s Bistro, and it’s located within the Quarters Hotel property.


Settling in for dinner at Lola’s, you’re immediately struck by the care and deep thinking that’s gone into creating a unique yet tantalising menu. Collaborating closely with her executive chef, Mitch Clark, Lisa regularly updates the menu, keeping in mind seasonal produce and great ideas for special offerings. One of those clever ideas is the wasabi potato balls – you’ll find them on the menu, served alongside the linefish. Lisa claims the idea came to her in a dream.


At your service

Nothing is ever a problem for Lisa and her team as long as you give them a little notice. Creating a special starter for our anniversary dinner was easily done when I called ahead and made the request. The team’s commitment to their guests and city shines beyond just the menu, and is imbued into everything they do. As Lisa explains: “We are driven by passion and a love for the restaurant industry. We want to build a community at Lola’s where we provide people with a unique food experience in this beautiful city of ours.”

Now firmly settled into their spot at Quarters Hotel, the team at Lola’s also host birthday parties, corporate functions and weddings. While the restaurant is the in-house meal provider for the Quarters Hotel (hotel guests can order room service too), the events calendar at Lola’s is filling up fast too.

Taste for yourself:

Lola’s Bistro

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Words: Cath Jenkin
Images: Supplied

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