Pictures of conenuts – indulgent doughnut cones with swirls or scoops of ice cream – have been making the rounds over the internet. They are as decadent in real life as they are in pictures. In most cases, these food concepts are found in other parts of the world, but Old Town Italy has created its own version of these conenuts, and they are selling like hotcakes.

On her quest to discover unique and flavoursome inventions and food trends from around the world, Old Town Italy’s head baker Vanessa Smith, discovered the incredible cones made with doughnut pastry, originating from Prague, and otherwise known as trdelník.


Putting her own spin on the unique and flavoursome invention, Vanessa used the dough from Old Town Italy’s bomboloni (bite-sized Nutella-stuffed doughnuts). Instead of drizzling Nutella inside the doughnut cone like they do in Prague, Vanessa chose to roll the doughnut cones in cinnamon sugar and then dip the tip in chocolate. They are placed upside down so that the melted chocolate sets as it drizzles down the cone. Before setting, hundreds and thousands or crushed hazelnuts are sprinkled over. The doughnut cones are then filled with a scoop or two of Old Town Italy’s in-house gelato, with flavours like luscious green pistachio, vanilla bourbon to a vegan gelato or even an Oreo-infused flavour.


Vanessa says, “These conenuts are so well loved, they sell out extremely quickly. We view them as a weekend treat and sell them only over Saturday and Sunday. They are ready from 11am and are available from Old Town Italy’s Gelato Station. However, if you are hosting a special occasion or a party and would like our conenuts, you may order a minimum batch of 10, provided 48 hours’ notice is given. The amount of conenuts made each weekend varies based on demand and the temperature outside. If it is a hot, sunny day, they are sure to sell out as soon they come out.”



Old Town Italy

031 566 5008

Words: Megan Deane
Images: Supplied

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