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Maboneng’s coolest new coffee spot

Founder and CEO of Mcofana, Nyakallo Mokoena, didn’t know much about coffee when he started. But since its opening in March of this year, the brand is now firmly entrenched in Maboneng’s food and drink scene, offering a creative and innovative drinks menu, along with sandwiches and pastries. Mokoena tells us more about how he landed up in the coffee industry.

Tell us more about the inspiration behind starting your company – have you always been interested in coffee?

I started Mcofana because I wanted to learn more about something I knew nothing about! My biggest motivation behind starting the brand was to create opportunities for myself and communities by establishing something unique. It was while I was offering my sales and marketing services to a bottling water company called Oasis in Sasolburg, that I discovered a gap in the coffee industry. It was winter so people were not buying as much water as in the summer months, so I was trying to work out what they would buy – and the world of coffee opened itself up to me. Once I started exploring the market I fell in love with it from the get-go.

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What kind of training do your baristas go through?

Mcofana gives in-house training to our two baristas. It’s crucial to us that they learn about the brand and really understand coffee. Knowing the various types of coffee and methods of preparation means they can offer excellent experiences to our customers at all times.

What can people expect at your coffee shop?

Our shop in Maboneng offers a great atmosphere to work, play and to just relax. We offer espresso based drinks and also non-caffeinated drinks, to accommodate everyone who loves a quiet and relaxing space.

How are your plans for owning your own coffee farm going?

Together with my business partner Thabang Rankoe, our current plan is to grow and share our experience with our walk-in customers, as well as expand our reach by attending events, markets, and working at business functions. We still have a long-term plan to have our own farm, but right now we are investing in our customer to ensure that they have great experiences with every visit to our store.


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Words: Belinda Mountain | Images: Supplied

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