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We chat to Jonathan Shaw, owner of several of Craighall’s most popular restaurants, about recent changes and some things the public can look forward to.

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Why the recent venue change for Warm&Glad (W&G)?

W&G has developed from being a coffee shop and retail store into a fully-fledged restaurant and bar. The space downstairs became available and we loved it for its great windows, open feel and outdoor area at the back (which is going to be amazing in summer).

What are some of your most popular dishes?

We’ve always had an Asian and Portugese influence but with the move we were able to create a larger kitchen which enabled us to expand the menu. It now features Asian-inspired street food dishes such as ramen and steamed buns and a classic cocktail list including Japanese whiskies, sake and shochu. Currently our Pork and Kombu ramen is our most popular dish using a tonkotsu broth, ramen noodles, slow cooked pork shoulder, nori, pickled chilli, coriander, spring onions and a sous vide egg which breaks into the broth (slurping is a must!).

W&G04_16-20-minPlease confirm your “no laptops” policy?

Our previous incarnation was more focussed on breakfast and lunch and we offered free wifi, but we were then overrun with people coming to work. It was a model that didn’t work for us as we needed to sell food and turn tables. We had to take drastic steps and ban laptops completely which got us a lot of hatred, but we had to do it in order to keep our business going. However the transition has now happened and people are getting to know us as a restaurant in which to come and enjoy our food, service and space, and so we don’t stop people who may want to work anymore.

W&G04_16-9-minTell us more about Selva and Ace+Pearl?

Selva is our brand new Lisbon-inspired restaurant open for lunch and dinner from Monday to Saturday. Traceable, grass-fed steaks, grilled seafood and some classic dishes make this a local fine food restaurant in an international style. Ace+Pearl is our fine wine bar serving local wines as well as “Meet the Maker” evenings where we invite wine makers to come and be guest barmen as they chat to wine-lovers.



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Words: Belinda Mountain

Images: Supplied

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