I meander into Mayfair Cafe on a strange day. It’s been a busy one that’s left my mind frazzled. I’m definitely in the mood for good coffee and a great meal to put my head straight. Mayfair Cafe has a friendly vibe to it that’s not disjointed or stuffy, but casual and sincere in the way that you need on a day that’s been too loud and too busy. After finishing up some grocery shopping, the comfortable ambience settles my soul into my seat as I drink up and soak in a little relaxation.

Not just another coffee shop

I used to write it off as just another coffee shop, but I’m happy to say I was truly mistaken. Instead, Mayfair Cafe is an example to others. I’m not left alone wondering where a waitress is – the service is swift and pleasant. The menu, while quite varied, awakens the hidden food critic in me and pretty soon I’m ordering the poached eggs on rye that I’ve heard others talk about. They were completely on the money – this is the late breakfast that I needed. I ended it off with a lemon meringue tart that was so good I thought my mother-in-law had made it.

A sweet surprise

To my surprise, my bill doesn’t break the bank. Mayfair Cafe’s prices rest in that sweet spot between affordable and “really? Is that all?” so my family best get used to coming here often, because this is a breakfast we can most definitely afford to attend more regularly.

Dinner, anyone?

Mayfair Cafe is not just a daytime coffee spot that’s conveniently close to the important amenities in Durban North. At night, it opens for dinner, and what a dinner service it seems to be. I’ve not yet had the pleasure of dining there (I blame it on our family’s crazy schedule), but after peeking at photos posted on the cafe’s Facebook page, we’ll be stopping in over the school holidays, for sure.

 Open every day

Mayfair Cafe in Mackeurtan Avenue, Durban North, is open every day. Do yourself (and your family) a favour and get there between 7am and 4pm, Monday to Sunday, or settle in for a casual meal on Tuesdays to Saturdays, from 7am to 9pm.


Experience it for yourself:

Mayfair Cafe

031 563 2599


Words: Cath Jenkin
Image: Supplied 



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