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Words: Anne Schauffer | Image: Shutterstock

There’s little doubt that worldwide, there’s a longing for a certain authenticity, a natural and organic look and feel indoors.

Summer trends

Decor usually reflects ourselves in some way, but at the moment, we’re decorating more around how we’d like to be and feel, than how we are. Words and concepts such as the Scandinavian “hygge”, translated as a cosy serenity, and “lagom”, less is more, focusses on a lifestyle philosophy, yet it’s at the heart of our decor.

Debbie Schuurman, fabricologist and owner, Walnut Interior Fabrics, says clearly “our environment influences our lifestyle, and our homes will reflect this. Never has the trend in interiors encompassed so much vibrancy and, often, over the top greenery in wallpaper, carpets and other accessories. Delicious monster leaves, fern and banana leaves and exotic botanicals are absolute favourites.”

Moving into summer, nature’s abundance is ramping up its role. As the architectural trend of opening up the interior to the exterior, accelerates, aside from the connotation of embracing summer, it’s also about opening ourselves up to the environment. From indigenous and botanical prints to recycling and repurposing furniture. Our clothing is printed with elephant ears as much as our scatter cushions.

Colours and patterns

Talking colour, Debbie explains, “In studying trend predictions, and taking note of fashion, we notice a marked change in the forthcoming colours and patterns. There is a definite shift towards golds, mustards and indigo blues. Every hue of green is popular.” She adds that checks are being replaced with geometrics, while florals have lost their blousy feel and are now a lot more abstract giving a clean modern feel.

Wall art

That modern botanical feel has a highly digital element, with virtual realities becoming popular – a wonderful sensation of stepping into a forest in your dining-room. Psychotropical is the buzzword this season, where the natural world is juxtaposed with the man-made, and you’ll find this larger-than-life world in digital-printed wallpaper, enlarged on feature walls, or as framed wall art. Belinda Hobden from Smart Art says their Misty Forest themes and vintage painted floral collections are the most popular themed wallpapers. “Up and coming too, is the revived raw concrete, and whitewashed, brick-faced textured look,” she says. “When it comes to colours, neutrals are still popular, or prominent feature-themed colours.” It’s quick and easy to change too – one hour, and you’ve created a new world.


Natural materials continue to dominate, whether it’s authentic bamboo screens and seagrass mats, or chunky slices of wood as side tables, there’s something summery about offsetting nature with a loud lime-green cushion or shiny metallic lamp – no longer limited to copper, mix it up with other metals like brass and silver, and introduce black for drama.