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Things that scare me: heights.
Things I like to do: conquer my fears.
Where better to do just that in Durban than at Moses Mabhida Stadium?

 Let’s get ready

Adventure Walks at Moses Mabhida Stadium take place over the weekend at 10am, 1pm and 3pm. Once you’re strapped into your harness, your helpful and informative guide will take you through the stadium stands and fill you in on the stadium’s history. Take in the magnitude of the stadium as you walk through and, once you reach the bottom of the stadium steps, don’t get scared – it’s entirely doable.

500 Steps

Taking 500 steps doesn’t sound too strenuous. In theory, those steps should take you about 15 to 20 minutes to conquer. When they’re steep and scary, however, you can be forgiven for taking a little longer. Or, if you’re like me, you may need to crawl up some of them, and that’s okay too. In reality, to reach the top of the stadium arch, you’ll need to take 468 steps (signage on the way up lets you know how far along you are) and then jog up a little ramp to get to the viewing deck. It was during this time that my adventure accomplice Jane took hilarious pictures and video footage of me trying not to lose my mind as I kicked the heights phobia aside and kept going up. If you are in any way scared of heights then do this Adventure Walk with a friend.

Let’s go higher

Once you reach the viewing deck at the top of the stadium, all the shaky-leggedness suddenly becomes worth it. The best view in Durban will cost you just R90 and a little courage to discover. Your descent from the viewing deck can go one of three ways: perhaps you opted to do the Big Swing, in which case I wish you well and I will never join you on that. Alternatively, you can turn around and take the stairs back down again, or you can opt for the much easier option of hopping onto the SkyCar for a smooth-sailing trip back down to terra firma.

Moses Mabhida Stadium Adventure Walk

031 582 8242

Words: Cath Jenkin 

Images: Supplied

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