There’s an interesting shift happening at the moment towards creating living spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but healthy too. It’s part of a broader trend towards wellness in society in terms of personal health and a way of showing off your affluence to the world. Other than the crusade against carbs, one of the major concerns among the “wealthness” (wealth + wellness) set at the moment is air quality. At the recent CES technology show in the US, for example, air quality tech products have exploded, and the interest in them is only growing.


One of the most talked about products in this space is Awair. The device synchs with a smartphone app and monitors the air quality in your home and then suggests ways to improve it. This kind of system points to a more considered way of looking at environmental health in the home. Previous generations of this kind of technology solely focused on filtering out pollutants, but advances in smart technology now mean that people are able to take a more active approach.

While the smart home market is still in its infancy in South Africa, the health trend is in full force. It’s only time before the former catches up to facilitate our desire for wellness. There is already growth in the healthy-office trend locally, and as that becomes increasingly normalised the shift to adopting it at home is sure to follow.



Words: Chris Reid
Images: Awair

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