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If you love fabulous food that is consistent and seasonably fresh, pop into Morningside’s Churchill House, home to the Antique Cafe. Sit on French wrought iron chairs at a dinky, round, marble table or at an Italian farmhouse table with botanic garden-style benches. Its delightful courtyard offers welcome shade this summer, among elegant leopard trees, red arum lilies, delicious monsters, pink flamingoes and a resident family of friendly bronze mannequins.

A tranquil space

A restful atmosphere attracts a peaceful crowd who want good-mood food. This popular cafe attracts a mix of chilled bohemians, chi-chi fashion designers and young families calmed by this lush-green slice of peace with a resident trickling fountain, chandelier dangling casually from an archway and the warm, Italian hospitality of owners Stefano and Terri-Anne Toffoli.

Antique Cafe

Lunch favourites

Tuck into a yummy Thai chicken wrap dressed with a sesame ginger infusion, topped with crushed peanuts or try their delish open sarmies. I had light, melt-in-your-mouth Banting bread with smoked Norwegian salmon, avo, Brie, coriander and sweet chilli sauce. Or how about the more exotic pear or mango with avo, smoked chicken salad and crushed walnuts on a French bagel?

Simple comfort foods include anytime toasts with cottage cheese, banana, honey and walnuts, or the good old classic, anchovy toast.

I wolfed down their gluten-free chocolate-crushed almond and orange cake, served with fresh cream in a silver egg cup with an elegant silver cake fork – heavenly with a chai latte.

Antique Cafe

It’s all in the details

Your food is served on a charming mix of gold-leaf floral and Alfred Meakin Marigold plates. Minty fresh water is served on arrival in a Florentine scrolled glasslet. The service is quick and the staff charming.

Antique Cafe clearly prides itself on presentation and creative detail. Your bill arrives on a brass saucer with an engraving of a German wirehaired pointer – sign it with a giant pink feather boa of a pen.

And do watch out, teases Terri, for the daring aerial strikes from kamikaze Durban pigeons when you order something delicious – which, at the Antique Cafe it is hard not to do.


Summer market on 28 November at Antique Cafe with members of the Durban Philharmonic Orchestra, a Congolese band, Fairview wine and cheese, cured meats and wonderful, original South African creative Xmas gifts from Shoppe.

Antique Cafe

Churchill House


The Antique Cafe

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