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Words: Lucy Sarah O’Connell | Images: Supplied

While the Joburg art scene continues to grow and expand with each new year, there’s one art fair that can say it’s been there from the start.

As it enters its 11th year of bringing artistic loveliness to Joburg, the FNB JoburgArtFair has earned its position as the largest and most established art fair on the continent to date. Running from Thursday to Sunday, 6 to 9 September, at the Sandton Convention Centre, this year they’ll be expanding to be more exciting than ever before.

With over 45 galleries from fourteen countries across Africa, Europe, and the United States all exhibiting at the fair this year, it’s the kind of inspiring event that’s bound to thrill everyone, from established curators, to brand-new art appreciators. Think fresh perspectives from both new and established artists, all creating sought-after content on contemporary African art from all over the continent. Simply put, the fair is an artistic celebration at its very best.

Honouring exceptional artistic talent and providing an incredible new artist with both local and international opportunities, this year the FNB Art Prize was awarded to Cape Town artist and activist Haroon Gunn-Salie.

Known for establishing a collaborative art practice that translates community oral histories into art, Haroon’s installation at the FNB JoburgArtFair will take on unresolved issues in South Africa’s contemporary history. Originally nominated for the prize by Goodman Gallery, the team there is passionate about the impact his work has on audiences in South Africa.

“Haroon’s work is grounded in a sense of solidarity with the marginalised, the displaced and the dispossessed of society. His multifaceted practice tackles issues of historical consequence in profound and disarming ways, allowing for sedimented histories and ideas to unravel. This ability to open up space to engage difficult or unspoken issues, has garnered him acclaim in all corners of the world, from the Global South to the West,” says Justin Davy, Goodman Gallery curator.

By pooling their considerable resources, knowledge, and experience, the FNB JoburgArtFair team are aiming to inspire the art community this year – and with incredible pieces coming from the likes of artists like Haroon, there’s no doubt that they will succeed.

FNB JoburgArtFair
Art Logic, 011 447 3868

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