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With over 80 recipes and more than 50 mouth-watering photographs, Baking with Jackie Cameron takes old-school recipes that we are reassuringly familiar with and makes them intriguingly different.

Award winning chef

Jackie Cameron is a much-loved South African chef, who has had an incredible culinary career. Her many achievements include, to name a few, being head chef at the award-winning Hardford House in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, representing South Africa at the 2014 Audi Chef’s Cup Südtirol in Italy, being a judge for the 2015 Eat Out Mercedes Benz Restaurant Awards, and opening the Jackie Cameron School of Food and Wine in 2015.


Jackie’s recipe book

Progressing from her first recipe book, Jackie Cameron Cooks at Home, the launch of her second recipe
book has gone off with great success. “The main launch was at my school with 170 guests. It was a sell-out. I had 15 friends, family and chefs, as well as my students, all involved in making a few of the recipes. Everyone arrived at 9am and placed their combinations on two huge tables for all the guests to have an opportunity to taste. This was a very special way of launching, because nothing had been cooked by me, showing that all of the recipes do work, especially in your home kitchen,” says Jackie Cameron.JackieC_1mb

What’s in store?

“I have another launch coming up in Clarens on 12 November and another event at my school on the 15 October that includes tasters from my book, flower arranging and beautiful wines.  There will be many other special events throughout this year,” continues Jackie Cameron.


Each recipe has a place in Jackie’s kitchen, but what makes this recipe book unique are the taste combinations and accuracy of detail. “You won’t find a chocolate lamington, instead you’ll find a lemon and poppy seed lamington. You won’t find a traditional carrot cake, rather there is a chocolate chunks carrot cake. There are also recipes that have been passed down generation-to-generation that I couldn’t possibly change, like my granny Kay’s flourless Christmas pudding,” shares Jackie Cameron.dough-943245_640

Jackie Cameron School of Food & Wine

033 343 1784 / 072 241 8421

Words: Megan Deane
Images: Roy Esterhuysen, Supplied & istock


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