These days you don’t have to go far to encounter someone who’s sworn off carbs, is frying everything in coconut oil and only consumes full fat milk. Banters are everywhere, so it makes sense that Joburg now hosts markets specifically devoted to the eating plan that’s taken South Africa by storm. I chatted to Charlene Tredway Ciani-Jacobson, who organises the Johannesburg Banting Markets.


How long has the banting market been going for? Who started it and why?

Michelle Freeman van Scheltema and myself have been running craft markets for over eight years now and we were approached by the Italian Club in Bedforview to start a banting market. We ran our first Gauteng Banting market in February 2015 with only 10 exhibitors, but it was such a success that everything sold out within the first two hours. We have now grown to over 45 exhibitors.

We were then approached by Melrose Arch to run one there and started that in August, which again was a huge success. Michelle and I love running markets and have a great passion for helping others grow their own businesses. We also both believe in a healthier lifestyle.


Do people come from all over Joburg or is it more locals that attend the various markets?

People travel from all over Joburg, with some even some coming from Mpumalanga, Limpopo and across borders to visit the markets. At Melrose Arch we had some tourists visit from Israel, and they were so impressed with the offerings and with the market itself.

Why do you think Banting is such a popular way of eating?

Banting is popular as its healthy food that still tastes good – you can still eat cream and butter and 80% dark chocolate. At our markets you can buy low carb breads, pizzas and noodles so you really don’t have to want for anything.

Finally, when are the markets held?

Italian Club markets are on the last Saturday of every month from 9am to 1pm, and Melrose Arch markets are held on Sundays mid-monthly from 10am to 2pm.


Johannesburg Banting Markets

082 896 8000


Words: Belinda Mountain
Images: Supplied


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