If you haven’t heard by now, our country is suffering from serous water shortages. There are initiatives going up all over the country, people coming together to help those suffering from little to no water. With a low rainfall count, SA now has 5 out 0f 9 provinces in what is now known as a disaster zone. Harrowing news reports have been popping up all over. You’ve heard what people are going through. Not to mention children and or furry four legged friends.

The time has come to take a second and think what YOU can do to help. And we’re here to give you the tools to show you how to get involved. It’s a simple concept created by Water Shortage South Africa. Their simple and effective motto of “Be a Hero, it’s easy” is harrowing and haunting.

It’s time to get involved and here’s how:

  • Become a volunteer
  • Donate water
  • Share awareness over social media

Want to donate water?

Label bottles as follows:

  • Drinking water for human consumption: Label with a sticker on your bottle as DW
  • Rain, tank or tap water should be clearly labelled as TW. This will be given to livestock or used for sanitation purposes.

Want to donate money?

Bank: Standard Bank
Branch Code: 055 435
Account Number: 040 254 763
Reference: WSSA & your name

How does this initiative work?

Water Shortages South Africa explains how this works:

It starts with you AT HOME collecting empty bottles and filling it with water. Mark bottles DW for clean drinking water for human consumption and TW for Tap/Tank/Rain water for sanitation or/and animal use. You take the bottles to a DONATION POINT. That’s where we collect water or gather water together that is ready to be transported. The water is collected from here and travels to… either DROP OFF POINTS/COLLECTION POINTS on the High ways, in towns, in houses, in businesses, filling stations, wherever volunteers are. We try to make use of holidaymakers returning home to transport water. Also bus services, businesses, transport companies and others…all of them volunteering. From here the water travels to DISTRIBUTION POINTS where the water is distributed to individuals, houses, hospitals, farms, old age homes, informal settlements, wherever need is. Some distribution points have volunteers that hand out the water and other places people collect themselves. Each town organise themselves in a way that works best for them. Anyone can join in and help.

Want to drop off some water?

Simply click your city and see what point is closest to you and get helping!

Cape Town


Johannesburg & Pretoria

Port Elizabeth

Support the initiative further by staying up to date on the Water Shortages Facebook Page here.



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