Still got that festive fever? Do you find that going back to work is making you feel those post-holiday blues? Don’t let the New Year start off on an unproductive note. We have gathered a few tips to help you get back into work mode.

10 Tips to Get into Work Mode

Ease into it

By going into work full force, you can easily become overwhelmed. Don’t make the mistake of jumping straight into work and overworking yourself to the point where you become overwhelmed and end up being exhausted within the first few days.

Tidy up your workspace

Get rid of the clutter! Apart from making sure you don’t have any spiders looming, tidying up your workspace after a vacay does great things to the psyche. Match the New Year with a fresh and tidy new desk and new work!

Transform your office

Whether it be a cute little pot plant, a motivational poster or new stationary, find something new and sassy for your working are to start off with something a little different, to remind yourself this is your year.

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Review your calendar

Take a brief look at your calendar, add in and spruce up major deadlines and ensure there are no nasty little surprises looming around the corner.

Prioritise emails

After a holiday it is more than likely your inbox looks like Hiroshima. Do not suddenly become frantic by trying to skim through everything. Flag and mark your inbox according to what’s priority and take a few hours each day to go through them thoroughly.

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Have fun

It is so easy to be consumed by work and have little to no time to enjoy yourself. Make sure you still make time for recreational activities. How convenient that we happen to have a list of these on our site! Whether it’s an evening out for dinner a week, a mid week lunch or coffee with friends or a Saturday road trip. Make sure you don’t forget to enjoy life outside of the office.

Take it easy

Do not pull in overtime as soon as you get back to work. Apart from it draining you, you might feel as though you are overwhelmed and with that comes a high risk of making silly mistakes. Allow yourself the time to get back into the swing of things and have realistic expectations of your work day.

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Start new office habits

By getting back into the New Year, make sure you start a new habit that you can look forward to at work! Whether it be going to gym before the daily grind, or cutting down on coffee and gulping down the tea. Make an office resolution you can enjoy and stick to it!

Communication catch-up

Networking is ever so important. Once you have cleared up your email inbox, pop your head in with clients and ask them how their festive season has been! Make sure you keep the lines of communication open in a friendly manner. You never know what business could be lying behind a dormant email contact.

Mentor someone

Nothing screams motivation like teaching. It is a great pleasure to be able to pass on your knowledge to someone else. There are plenty of interns looking for experience, maybe this is the year you get yourself one and open your world to the next up and coming you. In the process, you can get the intern to help you out, freeing your time up to get to more important things.


All in all, coming back to work after the festive break doesn’t have to be dire. Use our tips and let us know if it works for you!

Lauren Joubert

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