The bedroom is, for most, a sanctuary. It’s the place we escape to when things become too much and where we rest our weary bodies after a long day. This year, make your bedroom reflect your personality with these big trends.

Writing on the wall

Colour is always a starting point and although you may favour a crisp, snow-white bedroom, there’s a range of muted colours taking centre stage. When it comes to paint and wall treatments, it’s still largely about neutrals and soft hints of powdery pigments, says Schane Anderson, Olala Interiors. “Different hues of blue are coming through strongly, with the lighter shades preferred. Blues always add a certain cool, calm and freshness to an area, but equally, an air of sophistication. This palette obviously works particularly well at the coast, reflecting sea and sky.”

For most, the main bedroom is a calming sanctuary, so even if you choose a wallpaper as a feature wall, there are some sensational images, which transport you to other places. Nature is soothing, so whether you choose sea blues or nature’s greens, they’re appropriate for that step-off-the-planet feel.

Luxe life

There’s a leaning towards a sense of glam in master bedrooms, the degree to which you push that is entirely up to you. Schane says mixed metal accents are still very current. “Touches of bronze and copper mixed with cooler white golds are being intertwined and juxtaposed in many textured fabrics and ‘objets’. You can also use shimmering metallics as trimmings on light fixtures, ironmongery and furniture.”

For a sense of luxury, choose hand-knotted carpets. “If that’s not possible, go for tufted, then machine. For beds, always go for an extra-large King in the master suite and a Queen in the guest suite. The trend is still for upholstered headboards in varying shapes, heights and sizes to suit the dimensions and colours of the room,” says Schane.

Window dressing

Curtains are still favoured over other window treatments for bedrooms, as they add depth and warmth, have acoustic properties and soften lines, she says. She does acknowledge that at the coast, whimsical, floating-in-the-breeze sheer curtains have a romantic holiday feel, but still suggests a block outlining or blind to limit the light. “Inland, line the curtains, go heavy on the handle, with sheers or sheer blinds as a backdrop for privacy during daytime, while still letting in light and allowing you to look out.”


For lighting trends, Schane says huge and multifunctional sculptural lighting makes the space visually compelling while providing a strong and creative special effect. “Hidden light sources and indirect fused lighting combined with gravity-defying designs are works of art in themselves. Pendants work exceptionally well – particularly in smaller spaces because they keep the floor uncluttered. For pedestals, pendant side lights free up space for sidetable items like books and look superb.”

Words: Anne Schauffer | Images: Grant Pitcher; Supplied