Pop into Gateway and settle in for coffee and the best cake in Durban at So Whipped, and you’ll probably stay there for the afternoon. This cute cafe with a difference serves up fresh confections every day, but the team behind the counter know that their job is really about making beautiful life moments.

Decadent, with a twist

Owner and head chef Candice Courtney tells us that creating those moments begins every morning in her kitchen: “I think to myself ‘what do I feel like baking today?’ It’s all about making cake taste amazing – which isn’t difficult if you use quality ingredients – and to make it beautiful!

“For me, creating those memorable life moments through cake is about pairing flavours and then making ‘simple’ cakes or cupcakes insanely good. For example, our chocolate cupcake is a Belgian chocolate one – we don’t use any cocoa in the frosting: it’s all imported dark chocolate and fresh ingredients, like real eggs and loads of butter.”

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Always online

While the cafe is situated within Gateway Theatre of Shopping, its online presence is strong. Candice finds it essential for marketing and engaging with her clientele, so she’s firmly committed to keeping So Whipped active online. She believes “it’s an incredible tool for one’s business. Coming from an advertising background, I can honestly say that it is one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise.”

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Cakes with a conscience

Everything at So Whipped is made using recycled, reused, reclaimed or eco-friendly materials. According to Candice: “There is no or little excuse in this day and age not to recycle. Our store is almost 100% reused, recycled or green. It’s basically only the signage and the tap in our cafe that isn’t reused, recycled or refurbished. We wanted to have a low carbon footprint – who knows, maybe we will start a trend?”

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Taste it for Yourself:

So Whipped

083 716 3706

Words: Cath Jenkin
Images: Supplied

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