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This is my Saturday morning cycle cafe stop after checking out the pelicans, the surf and enjoying that summery sunshine-on-my-shoulders feeling.

Dinky cafe

This dinky cafe in charcoal and jellybean green is based in a converted old municipal building right on Country Club Beach. It’s not just my cafe, though. Ask any Durban cyclist and they’ll nod that this is where they indulge in a quick pit spot for Bike & Bean’s famed fried egg and bacon prego roll with a double espresso or aggressive chocolate before cycling back to Umhlanga or Umlazi.

Bike & Bean is where surfers meet to check out the waves, and runners pop in for a quick hit of an energising healthy smoothie.

Bike & Bean in Durban

Family affair

This family business is a cosy affair with Vicky Ferreira in charge while her dad, George, is assisting staff whip up traditional scrambled eggs and Lynette, the mother, is carving you a generous slice of carrot cake. Vicky’s partner, Greg Albert, runs Cyclesphere, so there are a bunch of bikes and helmets for hire.

Bike & Bean in Durban

Iron-strong coffee

George is proud to share: “Did you now we sold 900 coffees and 700 meals for the Ironman race this year? And that cyclists arrive for breakfast at 5am, especially on Wednesdays for their early mid-week morning rides. We open at 5.30am but of course we start serving as soon as a cyclist arrives.

Great service

The staff here are incredible too. The service is lightning-quick, the food is hearty, traditional and simple. It’s aimed at cyclists and active peeps on the hop, so it’s a yummy chicken mayo or bacon and cheese toasted sarmies and delicious smoothies that you’ll find on the menu. They also use free-range eggs and low GI bread.

The decor has a cycle-fetish feel with light fittings made from bicycle wheels and rows of colourful helmets like art installations lining the wall. There is a lovely bike guard, Pius, who cares for your precious bikes while you eat and yak. Bike hire is R50 an hour and you need to produce your driver’s licence.

Bike & Bean in Durban

Taste for yourself:

Bike & Bean Durban

082 773 6870

Words: Suzy Bell
Images: Supplied


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