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Lavender and chocolate are artistically displayed on white towels rolled up neatly on inviting white linen. A small bottle of champagne waits upon arrival and immediately makes us feel at home: we can start celebrating what we are about to experience! The earthy colours of the tent and the washed cement floors add to the pristine earthy beauty that surrounds us.

B’sorah Luxury Tented Camps are situated near the Hartbeespoortdam and the Magaliesberg Mountains, no more than an hour’s drive from Pretoria. They provide four luxury tents and one Honeymoon Suite tent. Their luxury tents each contain a queen-sized bed, a kitchenette on the deck, an en-suite bathroom with a big shower (with views of the surrounding bush) and a private barbecue area. With only gas, solar panels, a ‘donkie,’ small lights and a charger for your phone or other electronic devices, this luxury tent will assist within hours to make you feel completely relaxed. It will assist you in opening up, letting go of whatever stresses you might have had and let nature and the luxury treatment transport you to a different world.

B’sorah Luxury Tented Camps

From our elevated patio, there’s nothing else in view except for nature’s fascinating playground: birds twitter in the majestic, untamed trees, frogs croak rhythmically and your eyes will thank you for the royal site in front of you. And … after an entire day of nature’s twitters, relaxation and hiking in the wide variety of landscapes, a deep, mysterious sleep came within minutes: the enchanting bushveld sounds and an intense sleep muddled up into one. This pristine, untamed beauty provides deep relaxation and a connection with the untouched nature. Simply unwind and relax. Treat yourself, love yourself and expose yourself to the beautiful earth that has been given for us to enjoy. Smell the bush, inhale the fresh air and nature will come alive.

B’sorah Luxury Tented Camps

Activities on the farm

Hiking and cycling on the farm is especially enjoyable as you experience the rocky landscapes and flowing outcrops first-hand. They have a lovely 7km trail on the farm and they are busy creating a few longer trails as well.

B’sorah also serves breakfast to their guests at an extra cost from Sundays to Fridays on the main farmhouse veranda, which is surrounded by a beautiful garden and open farmland.

078 345 3825

Facebook: B’sorah Luxury Tented Camp (@bsorahadventure)

Twitter: @BsorahCamp

Words: Zena le Roux | Images: Zena le Roux





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