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If payday seems a little too far away for your liking, but you’re looking for a great burger that’ll leave you smiling, we can help. Here’s our budget burger guide for Durban.

Smokin’ Joe’s

The new kid on Durban’s burger block, you’ll find Smokin’ Joe’s at Musgrave Centre’s Rooftop Night Market and at other great markets and events. There’s no silliness with store-bought patties here – take a look at the eateries Instagram account and you’ll discover the serious love that goes into each one. Grab a Royale with Cheese for just R50 next time you’re market hopping.


Union Square

The first time I ate at Union Square, I fell a little too in love with the cheesy fries, and I still talk about them like I had a lifelong dalliance with them. Anyway, making your own burger using Union Square’s funky little tick-a-box menu is easy and excellent. If you’re not feeling up to thinking about options, you can stick the classic or classic BBQ burger on your plate for just R37. At that price, you can afford a side of cheesy fries. Or if you’re feeding the whole family, pop in on Monday nights for the Chow for four special – R150 gets you four burgers and large fries.


Jack Rabbit’s

There is nothing more annoying than having a hectic Monday at work and then trying to inspire yourself towards cooking an interesting dinner. Don’t even worry about it anymore – the Jack Rabbit’s burger special fixes everything. Grab a burger for yourself and get a second one for a friend for just R5!

Comics Food Bar and Takeaway

The “problem” with Comics is that both branches are really easy to get to, and the takeaway service is often a lot faster than cooking dinner yourself. With branches in Glenashley and Riverside, it’s easy to pick up a Comics burger for just R34 on your way home from work. And if you have R5 extra, you can settle in at an outdoor table with a cheeseburger for only R39.


See for yourself:

Smokin’ Joes

083 786 0628

Union Square

031 563 0923

Jack Rabbit’s

031 207 6735

Comics Food Bar and Takeaway

Glenashley, 031 572 6725

Riverside, 031 563 4399


Words: Cath Jenkin
Images: Supplied and Shirley Berko



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