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Words: Charis Le Riche | Images: Supplied

Enjoy delicious breakfasts and hearty lunches at this beloved spot

Previously known as Petit Fours, Seascape Collection Group’s Cafe Blouberg is somewhat of an institution for breakfasts, having been the go-to spot for 18 years.

With a laid-back atmosphere and picturesque sea views, it’s the perfect spot for a lazy Sunday breakfast. My husband and I are quite bad when it comes to eating in the morning; we usually only get hungry around midday but still want to have a nice breakfast. So when we were invited to try the all-day breakfast at Café Blouberg, we couldn’t say no.

The first thing we wanted to know was: why the name change? Annarette Blom, managing director of Seascape Collection Group, says, “Cafe Blouberg was the original name of the restaurant, even before we started Ons Huisie and On The Rocks. Despite the name change, people still continued to refer to it as Cafe Blouberg. So when we revamped the interior and made some menu adjustments, we decided to go back to the original name, which in any case is a better reflection of what the restaurant is actually all about.”

After getting that out of the way, it was time to choose something to eat. The menu is simple, with a few surprises to keep things interesting, like the Chicken Cheesecake, Whiskey Burger (beef burger topped with a whiskey and bacon marmalade) and the Kaapenaar with vetkoek. “With an emphasis on easy cafe-style food, the menu offers something for every time of the day. Hearty breakfasts pave the way for light lunches. Be ready for the unexpected as you will be blown away!” says Annarette.

We went a bit more traditional and tucked into The Blouberg (grilled polenta, poached eggs, mushroom and thyme sauce, crispy bacon with oven-roasted cherry tomatoes and toast) and the eggs Benedict. Each item is made to order, so although the dishes may take a short while to get to your table, you can expect fresh and tasty meals. And the extra wait allows you to appreciate the gorgeous setting.

With several new menu items and a revamped interior, Cafe Blouberg has become an invigorated old favourite, and we’ll definitely be back for more. Maybe next time we’ll try the Caramel Popcorn Explosion or Marshmallow Pink Candy freak shakes.

“We’re going to continue to come up with the best and original new menu items as we continuously reinvent the most-loved dishes. It’s our mission to continuously surprise as we come up with creations that will bring a spontaneous smile to anyone’s face based on taste, presentation, originality and the unexpected,” says Annarette.

For more information on Café Blouberg, phone 021 554 4462 or visit their website.

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