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Located in the heart of Bryanston, the eponymous Lanser’s on Main is all about French and Italian bistro-style cooking within a laid-back but atmospheric setting. The restaurant’s creator is entrepreneur and chef Lanser Fourie, whose experience includes working at Michelin-starred restaurants in London, as well as local gems like Thomas Maxwell Bistro, Giles and Bottega.

Q: How have the restaurants you’ve previously worked at influenced Lanser’s as it is today?
A: I think an overarching theme – and the key to a successful restaurant – is to care about all aspects of the business no matter how small – from properly trained wait staff, to a clean kitchen, and preparing each dish consistently. I also like to chat to each guest; I want patrons to feel welcome throughout their entire dining experience.

Q: What appeals to you about the French approach to cooking and dining?
A: The classic recipes, the characteristic table settings, soft music gently playing in the background, and the flavours of typical dishes that come together in a way that’s homely, comforting, nutritious and delicious. French cuisine is also often slow cooked and prepared with the finest quality ingredients and then paired with the best possible wines.

Q: What chefs have influenced your approach to cooking?
A: Marco Pierre White, for his charisma and his confident yet calm, simple approach that ultimately puts food on a plate packed with enormous flavours. I also think Anthony Bourdain was very sincere the way he saw food as a way to share culture. His passion was travel, where he used local fresh ingredients to make local traditional dishes. I follow suit in dishes such as my rabbit ragu and springbok carpaccio.

Q: How has Lanser’s evolved since it first opened in April 2018?
A: We’ve started wine-tasting events that have been enormously successful. These tastings give patrons a chance to experience a night with a specially designed menu that’s paired with the featured wines. We try to hold a pairing each month.

Q: What bucket-list restaurant would you like to visit, anywhere in the world?
A: Eleven Madison Park in New York. It’s located in the heart of the city and offers a dining experience of 10 courses.

Q: What’s your favourite casual meal at home?
A: A toasted cheese sandwich with chili sauce.

Lanser’s on Main
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