[SPONSORED] Ever wondered who to turn to when you’ve got a property question and need an answer? Francesca Beebe, eazi.com’s local area consultant for the City Bowl, has launched a series of short, fun videos for Instagram and Facebook that do just that: answer people’s questions in an easy-to-understand way. We chatted to Francesca to get more details.

What inspired the idea for your video series?

Whenever I’m out socially – at braais and dinners – my friends and their friends have questions for me about real estate. Can I get a bond if I’m self-employed? What’s the best way to get on to the property ladder? How do I need to prepare a property to sell? It made me realize that a lot of people have questions about buying and selling property and don’t know who to ask. So we started this video series with questions I keep being asked… The joy of video is that we can reach a wider audience of people looking for property answers.

What kind of topics do you cover?

Anything and everything property related! I’ve been in the industry for 10 years and can give advice on pretty much everything to do with buying and selling property. Things like financing a property, when the best time is to sell, what to look for in sectional title… All those things you would ask an expert friend if you had one. I’m that expert friend!

Where did you record the videos?

We recorded them on a walk through the City Bowl – after coffee at Manna Epicure (one of my favourite spots). We were chatting about the questions that people ask me about property, and thought it would be helpful to record some to pass on through social media.

Where can people watch them?

On Facebook and Instagram: @eaziproperty.

What’s next?

More walks around the City Bowl, giving more advice! If you have a property question of any kind, ask me on www.facebook.com/eaziproperty in the next 2 weeks, and I’ll record a video answer for you.

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