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ClemenGold, South Africa’s most recognisable and loved mandarin brand, has launched a campaign in support of the visual arts in South Africa.

In addition to their current support to various voice artists they’ve now reached out to the visual arts community in an exciting initiative to support well-known artists via an especially themed commission and simultaneously provide support to organisations that use art to change the lives of children at risk. The exhibition of fifteen artworks and charity auction will take place at the Upstairs@Bamboo gallery in Melville, Johannesburg on Thursday 27 July and art lovers are invited to attend.

ClemenGold 01

“The proceeds of the auction, led by qualified art auctioneer and celebrity presenter Lizz Meiring, will be in aid of Lalela, an organisation providing educational arts for the at-risk youth to spark creative thinking and awaken the entrepreneurial spirit. The Orion Organisation Art Centre in Atlantis, Western Cape, will also benefit,” says ClemenGold CEO Marius du Plessis.

ClemenGold shared its passion for their special mandarin, its vibrant colour and the goodness of the Earth with 15 established creatives as well as some younger generation artists – covering the spectrum of such visual arts as sculpting, art installation and painting, and asked them to create works based on the theme: Dawn Breathes Gold, inspired by the Afrikaans idiom: “Die oggendstond het goud in die mond” (meaning the first energy of the day brings abundance).

The participating artists
Adele Potgieter, Alex Hamilton, Christiaan Diedericks, Collen Maswanganyi, Hennie Meyer, Jaco Sieberhagen, Jenny Parsons, Joshua Miles, Karin Abedian, Marike Kleynscheldt, Marinda du Toit, Michele Rolstone, Nhlanhla Nhlapo, Sthenjwa Luthuli and Sarah Pratt.

The campaign was curated for ClemenGold by artist Alex Hamilton, Cape Town based artist well-known for his stencil portraits which stylistically combine traditional portraiture with contemporary street art and Pop art. “How do we invest in the future? Not only the future of art, but also art as a means of stimulating a young mind. The collaboration between artist and education in art is a crucial investment in the future of South African culture. Projects like this is important because it invests not only in creative development, but also in education,” says Hamilton. “It is an honour to collaborate with Clemengold in such a generous, creative and positive project. It is rare to find a corporate business, this dedicated and giving, who understands the importance of cultural investment.”

ClemenGold 02

Art enthusiasts are invited to attend this special charity art auction (27 July 18:30 – 20:30) by confirming their presence with an email to by 20 July.

Visit for information about this premium mandarin and its varied uses.

Words: Supplied | Images: Collen Maswanganyi

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